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100 Nickel Plated Lobster Swivel Clasps - 1.3 INCH


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40 Antique Brass Lobster Swivel Clasps - 1.3 INCH


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100 Gold Plated Unwelded D Rings - 13.5 mm


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40 Gold Plated 14mm Magnetic Snap Closures


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15 Nickel Plated Lobster Swivel Clasps - 1.3 INCH


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Tantalizing Stitches: Bag Makin' Supplies

Welcome to Bag Making Supplies by Tantalizing Stitches where you will find crafting supplies such as magnetic snaps and swivel clips! If you have any questions, please feel free to email el@tantalizingstitches.com .

........MIX AND MATCH! Simply purchase the listing for the largest clip, magnetic snap or d ring desired and place quantities desired of smaller item in Note to Seller.
........SHIPPING CHARGES are made reasonable.
........California sales tax applies to shipments to California.
........5% of sales at Tantalizing Stitches on Zibbet is donated to animal charity.