67 Sets 14mm Hidden Magnetic Snaps with PVC

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Product Description

These 14mm sew-in magnetic snaps are super strong and perfect to add an invisible closure to your smaller bags. These are sew-in magnetic snaps that cant be seen when properly installed. Unlike most magnetic snaps, these are installed between the lining and the exterior fabric, hiding the snap from view.

These 14mm sew-in magnetic snaps are much stronger in comparison to your standard 4mm thick 14mm pronged magnetic snaps.

Use the 18mm sew-in magnetic snaps for purse, handbag, or clutches.

10mm sew-in magnetic snaps are also available and convenient to make wallets (but please be aware that wallets designed for sew-in magnetic snaps should take care not to be near credit cards as magnets often de-activate them).

Pronged magnetic snaps are also available at Tantalizing Stitches.

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Quantity: 67 sets (134 pieces)
Size - diameter: 14mm
Type: Hidden with PVC pad

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67 Sets 14mm Hidden Magnetic Snaps with PVC 67 Sets 14mm Hidden Magnetic Snaps with PVC 67 Sets 14mm Hidden Magnetic Snaps with PVC

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